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New Land Rover Auto Parts added this month
Front Military Shackles - Unthreaded      
Ref: 90577718 / Price $16.95      
Application: Series 109 - 4 and 6 cylinder 1 ton

Front Military Shackles - Threaded      
Ref: 90577716 / Price $19.95      
Application: Series 109 - 4 and 6 cylinder 1 ton

Windscreen Seal - Outer      
Ref: MTC6568 / Price $8.95      
Application: Defender - Seal Roof to Windscreen Outer

Clutch Pedal Return Spring      
Ref: EDP7510L / Price $14.95      
Application: Defender from LA939892

Steering Hose      
Ref: NTC9429 / Price $19.95      
Application: Hose Box to Reservoir. Range Rover Classic to VIN RA647649

Steering Hose      
Ref: NTC6790 / Price $42.95      
Application: Hose Pump to Box - High Pressure - Non Air Suspension Only

Towing 'D' Ring      

Ref: 242139 / Price $55.95

Application: Defender Towing 'D' Ring

Transmission Mount RH - Disco II      
Ref: KQB500550 / Price $15.95      
Application: Discovery II - Superceded from KQB100140

Transmission Mount LH - Disco II      
Ref: KQB500560 / Price $18.95      
Application: Discovery II - Superceded from KQB100150

Pillar Seal      
Ref: 332215 / Price $5.75      
Application: Series II onwards and Defender Hard Top

HT Lead Set Series III - Lucas      
Ref ERC3256G / Price $16.95      
Application: Replacement HT Hypalon Lead set for Series III

Exhuast Heat Shield - 300TDI      
Ref: ESR2422 / Price $20.99      
Application: 300TDI

Throttle Cable      
Ref: 566426 / Price $13.95      
Application: Series Stage One V8

Bumper End Cap      
Ref: DPT100070 / Price $35.95      
Application: Defender

Exhaust Manifold Elbow      
Ref: ERR4000 / Price $42.95      
Application: 300 TDI - longer of the two

Exhaust Manifold Elbow      
Ref: ERR4001 / Price $42.95      
Application: 300 TDI - shorter of the two

Plug - Oil Filter Housing 'OE'      
Ref: RTC6851 / Price $13.95      
Application: Defender - Oil filter Housing Blanking Plug - Eliminates oil cooler lines on military models. Uses sealing washer 213961

Plug - Oil Filter Housing      
Ref: ETC4021 / Price $10.95      
Application: Defender - Oil filter Housing Blanking Plug - Eliminates oil cooler lines on military models. Sealing washer not used.

Brake Master Cylinder - no ABS      
Ref: STC441 / Price $119.00      
Application: Defender 90 and 110 to XA178473 - not for ABS

Fuel Tank Grommet      
Ref: NTC5879 / Price $13.95      
Application: Defender, Discovery I, Range Rover Classic

Bellhousing Seal      
Ref: 236281 / $4.50      
Application: Series II and IIa Bellhousing Grommet

Drum Screw      
Ref: SA108161 / Price $0.45      
Application: Defender 90, 110, and 130 - Drum Retention Screw