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RovahFarm New Parts added this month
Acoustic Mat System      
Ref: DA1744GREY / Price $555.00      
Application: Series (all) - Acoustic Mat System - NOTE: Price is a drop ship price only - This product is not kept in stock due to the weight. Shipping cost on application.

Front Door Repair Section O/S or RH      
Ref: DA6645 / $133.00      
Application: Defender

Front Door Repair Section N/S or LH      
Ref: DA6646 / $133.00      
Application: Defender

Rear Mid Door Repair Section O/S or RH      
Ref: DA6655 / $133.00      
Application: Defender

Front Door Repair Section N/S or LH      
Ref: DA6654 / $133.00      
Application: Defender

Shock Mount Towers HD - (PAIR)      
Ref: DA6323 / Price $149.95      
Application: Discovery I

Ring - HD - Fixing Front Spring Turret      
Ref: DA6338 / Price $25.95      
Application: Discovery I, comes with flange nuts. Sold as a pair.

Fuse Box - Series III      
Ref: 575395 / Price $24.95      
Application: Series III

Pulley - Tensioner - Auxillary Drive      
Ref: ERR3767 / Price $131.95      
Application: RRC '93 to '94. 3.9L EFI

Cylinder Liner - STD      
Ref: ERC9188 / Price $12.95      
Application: Series 2.25 petrol & diesel, Defender 2.25 and 2.5 Petrol, 2.5NA and 2.5TD

Seat Mechanism Cover LH      
Ref: MWC7635 / Price $10.65      
Application: Defender

Seat Mechanism Cover RH      
Ref: MWC7636 / Price $10.65      
Application: Defender

Wiper Wheel Box      
Ref: DKU500010G / Price $42.27      
Application: Defender 2007 onwards - Nut use DLP500010

Door Latch RH      
Ref: LR031337 / Price $73.07      
Application: Defender - Used for Central Locking

Central Locking Actuator      
Ref: FUD500030 / Price $61.57      
Application: Defender RH Front, Rear End Door and both LH and RH Mid Doors

Haynes Manual - Defender 2007 - 2016 Diesel      
Ref: DA3035 / Price $39.00      
Application: Defender

Intercooler Hose Set - Silicone      
Ref: DA3170B / Price $75.95      
Application: Defender 200TDI

Banjo Bolt Kit 200/300 TDI      
Ref: STC3297 / Price $12.95      
Application: Spill Rail 200 and 300 TDI

Door Handle - Front RH      
Ref: LR066528 / Price $17.80      
Application: Defender front RH - hole for lock barrel but lock barrel not included. Use screw SE105101 and washer WA105001L to attach to door. Uses longer key barrels - from 2A622424

Door Handle - Front LH        
Ref: LR066530 / Price $17.80      
Application: Defender front LH - hole for lock barrel but lock barrel not included. Use screw SE105101 and washer WA105001L to attach to door. Uses longer key barrels - from 2A622424

Ref: DA1246 / $19.95      
Application: Defender from VIN # VA130785 to 2A626645

Alloy Gear Knob Set - LT77      
Ref: DA6600 / Price $39.95      
Application: Defender LT77

Lever Gearbox LT77 and R380      
Ref: UKE000080 / Price $149.95      
Application: Defender LT77 and R380 Box - Superceded from FRC7860 and FRC7493


Fuel Pipe 110"      
Ref: NRC8103 / Price $71.95      
Application: From Sedimentor to Fuel Pump to LA939975

Radiator Muff      
Ref: DA2161GREEN / Price $55.00      
Application: Defender - Simple zip tie installation. Black Vinyl with Green Edging.

Turbo Boost Pipe - 300TDI 'OE'      
Ref: ERR4699 / Price $39.00      
Application: Defender 300 TDI

Snow Cowl - RHD - Plastic      
Ref: DA1271 / Price $45.00      
Application: Defender - comes with fitting kit

Snow Cowl - LHD - Plastic      
Ref: DA1270 / Price $45.00      
Application: Defender - comes with fitting kit

Heater Blower Motor RHD      
Ref: RTC4200 / Price $189.00      
Application: Defender RHD to LA939975

Bearing - Needle Roller      
Ref: TUK100300 / Price $9.95      
Application: R380 manual transmission - S/s from FTC1311

Bearing - Needle Roller 5th Gear      
Ref: FRC5280 / Price $5.95      
Application: R380 manual transmission

Bearing - Layshaft      
Ref: TZZ100200G / Price $39.95      
Application: R380 manual transmission - Layshaft Bearing - From (G) 0623640K

Grab Handle - LHD      
Ref: MTC6142 / Price $112.95      
Application: Defender - For Badge see MTC5851

Upper Dash End Trim Panel - LHD      
Ref: MWC9339PMA / Price $27.95      
Application: Defender

Upper Dash Crash Pad      
Ref: MXC6084PMA / Price $345.95      
Application: Defender

Fuel Filler      
Ref: NTC2676 / Price $79.95      
Application: Defender - Uses caps NTC2757 or STC4072

Fuel Filler Extension Tube 'OE'      
Ref: NTC2655 / Price $129.95      
Application: Defender - Extension Tube comes with screen and chain for cap.

Bonnet Hinge Bolt Kit S/S      
Ref: DA1135 / Price $4.95      
Application: Defender

Windscreen Jet - Discovery II      
Ref: DNJ500090 / Price $19.95      
Application: Discovery II