Welcome to Rovahfarm. My name is Trevor and thanks for taking a gander at my site where I sell quality aftermarket and genuine land rover parts.
  My first car as a 19 year old was a 1969 MGB GT. I still hanker after it, regret selling it, but hope that SPN 224G is still alive and screaming around the country lanes of England. My first ride in a Landrover was about 1980 as a trainee on exercise on Salisbury Plain while in the Royal Marines Reserve. Actually, the only reason we got to ride was because we were lost, and the NCOs were fed up waiting for us. I still remember Sargent Syndon screaming at us like it was yesterday.
In 1997, we imported our first Landrover - a superb bronze green '72 109 station wagon named Mr. Bumpy by the kids. Later that year, I rose to the position of Director of the Environmental Department for the Passamaquoddy Tribe. As the majority of the work we undertake is way off road in the boonies, and since the Tribe owns close to 140,000 acres, and since we had already destroyed a GMC Sierra after 20,000 miles, it seemed to me that the next logical step was to obtain a small fleet of Landrovers.

We found a very battered 1997 D90, a fully kitted out '95 Disco and a slightly battered 130 powered by a new 2.8 powerstroke diesel. Our vehicles get a lot of use and are worked very hard, but they get the job done in true Landrover style. Today I work part-time for the Tribe taking environmental samples, and run RovahFarm which is growing every month.

  My hope is you enjoy the site, I have tried to set it up to be as informative and useful as possible and, supply excellent quality land rover parts at a reasonable price.

Best regards, Trevor